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Tootle जस्तै आयो अब भरपर्दो सारथि , काठमाडौंमा अब तपाईंको आफ्नै ट्याक्सी | ADB Post|

विदेशका सहरहरूमा पुग्दा आरामदायी र भरपर्दा ट्याक्सी चढ्दा प्राय: नेपालीहरूको मनमा जिज्ञासा उठ्ने गर्छ । नेपालमा यस्तो सुविधा कहिले पाइएला ? किनभने, नेपालमा ट्याक्सी यात्रा गर्दा भाडा र सुरक्षाजस्ता चिन्ता र चासोले मन–मस्तिष्कमा घर बनाइरहेको हुन्छ । युवा आईटी उद्यमी प्रकाश न्यौपाने, २८, र रवि सिंहाल, २८, ले राजधानीवासीलाई त्यस्ता चिन्ता र चासोबाट मुक्त गर्दै छन् ।  उनीहरूको कम्पनी ‘सारथि’ले मोबाइल एप्समा आधारित सुरक्षित तथा भरपर्दो ट्याक्सी सञ्चालनमा ल्याउन लागेको हो । त्यो पनि सरकारी भाडादरमै, जो राजधानीवासीका लागि सार्वजनिक यातायातको भरपर्दो विकल्प हुन सक्छ । यसबाट मिटरमा नजाने र रातीको समयमा भनेको ठाउँमा यात्रु बोक्न नमान्ने जस्ता समस्याबाट समेत यात्रुले राहत पाउनेछन् । कम्पनीले सञ्चालनमा ल्याउन लागेका ट्याक्सीहरू विशेष गरी एप्समा आधारित हुनेछन् । यस अन्तर्गत तीन किसिमका सेवा दिने योजना छ । राजधानीभित्र वा बाहिर जान चार घन्टाभन्दा बढी समयका लागि हरियो प्लेट भएका ट्याक्सीहरू १५ साउनदेखि सञ्चालनमा आइसकेका छन् । यो सेवालाई ‘सारथि प्लस’ नाम दिइएको छ । यसमा ३ सय ५० वटा ट्याक्सी आबद्ध छन…

Mc Flo Releasing First Song of His New EP ' Janu Vanda Agadi ' on 24th October 2017

Bharatpur 12th October, The most respected, the most consistent rapper in the game. Representing KTM city and Nephop to the fullest - Mc Flo is coming back with his new EP.
The first Song entitled 'Antarikshya Yatri' of new EP ' Janu vanda agadi ' will be released on 24th of October this year.

Mc Flo is well known by lyrics in his songs. He is different than other rappers of Nep-Hop since he raps about the real life. He has the power to describe everything of the whole world in his songs. Many people know him as the lyrical king of NepHop.
The primary reason that Flo’s lyrics sound so genuine is that they are rooted in Nepal-specific social realism. MC Flo is the one-man wrecking crew, soldiers on alone: doing everything from pre to post-production and getting the music out there himself.

Before the announcement of the releasing date of 1st song of his EP. He had already released some songs back to back. He has said that he is trying to add some unique flavor in his new EP…

Nepal vs HongKong October 13 & 14 Live Streaming

BHARATPUR, Oct 12: Hong Kong Cricket Association announced the live streaming of ICC World Cricket League Championship matches against Nepal on their official YouTube channel Hong Kong Cricket. The announcement was made on their twitter account (@CricketHK) on Saturday.

Hong Kong Cricket

You can subscribe that channel directly from here to get notification on live streaming of match.

Nepal's national cricket team is traveling to Hong Kong to keep their chances of qualifications alive in the 2019 ICC World Cup Qualifiers to be held next year. Sixth-placed Nepal will have to register wins in the matches against Hong Kong scheduled for October 13 and 15.

Nepal, which has acquired eight points from 10 matches in the eight-team contest, will face fourth-placed Hong Kong at Mission Road Ground, Mong Kok. Nepal will also play Hong Kong-based Kowloon Cricket Club under DTCMobile Challenge Cup on October 10 as the only practice match ahead of the two-match series. Like and Share on Facebook

Nepal Idol Final: कस्तो छ त nepal idol final को तयारी (Location, Guests, Ticket, Features ; Everything)

Singing reality show Nepal Idol will host its finale in Qatar on Friday, Sept. 22, organizers have announced. The show is in its first year and is part of the Idol series started by Simon Fuller. The finale comes following rehearsals in seven Nepali cities, with the contestant list now pared down to 12 people. Tickets are now on sale for the event, which will be held at Asian Town’s amphitheater, in the Industrial Area. It will be shot by more than a dozen cameras and drones, and televised line on Nepali HD channel AP1. The winner will be awarded a Mahindra KUV 100 car, Nepali Rs2 million (QR71,000) and a record deal valued at Nepali Rs1.5 million (QR53,000), Gulf Times reports.  ‘Proud moment’ The newspaper added that during a recent press conference, community leader Sagar Nepal called the hosting of the event “a proud moment for Qatar-based Nepalis.” There are more than 350,000 Nepalis in the Gulf state, most of them young men. The expats comprise one of Qatar’s largest demographic…

AGS Application for students : Only downloadable File

Download AGS Android App Exclusively It is a app for students for discussing difficult subject matters with other friends within a network. It;s easy simple and 100% free. Get it now:
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Keylogger Builder For Windows : Cortex Keylogger Download

keylogger is a hardware device or a software program that records the real time activity of a computer user including the keyboard keys they press. Use Cases for a Keylogger Keyloggers are used in Information Technology (IT) organizations to troubleshoot technical problems with computers and business networks. Keyloggers can also be used by a family (or business) to monitor the network usage of people without their direct knowledge; they are sometimes used as part of home parental controls. Finally, malicious individuals may use keyloggers on public computers to steal passwords or credit card information. What Information a Keylogger Can Collect The capabilities of keyloggers vary, but when installed on a device they can generally do the following: capture any passwords entered by users on the devicetake screen captures of the device at periodic intervalsrecord the URLs that were visited via Web browsers, and possibly also take screen captures of the Web pages viewedrecord a list of…

Download World Most Trusted Kaspersky Antivirus For Free For A Year

Kaspersky has been in the news quite a lot recently, a few days ago we have seen Trump administration had dismissed Kaspersky firm two lists of approved vendors chosen by government agencies to obtain technology equipment.

The new free antivirus tool from Kaspersky is available globally. The founder of Kaspersky, Eugene Kaspersky, said that Canada, US, and numerous Asia Pacific countries can access the free software immediately, and the global rollout will continue within few months.

The launch of free version coincides with Kaspersky Labs’s 20th birthday.

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