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Class 8 model test of science

Class:- 8  test examination 2072
Subject : Science                                                                       FM=35   
  Time :- 1 hours                                                                                   PM=14            
1. a) Write two difference between fundamental and derived unit. Define Zenith.  (3)
    b) A body starts moving from rest and attains the acceleration of 0.5 m/s2.
        Calculate the  velocity at the end of 3 minutes. Also find the distance travelled
        by it during that time.                                                                                 (2)
2. a) The steering of a car is called a wheel and axle. Why?                              (1)
    b) write down three advantage of simple machine.                                        (2)
3. a) What is pressure? Write down its SI unit. Also prove P=hdg.                     (4)
    b) Name the energy present in the following.                                                 (2)
         Bread, Running water, Ringing bell and Water stored in a dam
4. a) Write the relationship among Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin scales.
        Also convert 90 0C into 0F.                                                                               (2)
    b) Draw the ray diagram when object placed between c and f in convex lens. (2)
5. a) Define reflection of sound. Write the two condition for formation of echo.(3)
    b) Draw the atomic structure of aluminum and label it.                                  (2)
6. a)  Complete the given word equation and express them in the form of balance
         formula equation.                                                                                      (4)
        Zinc + Sulphuric acid                       ................+  hydrogen
        Magnesium + ...........                       Magnesium oxide
    b) Silicon is called a metalloids. Why?                                                             (1)
7. a) What are bacteria? Define epithelial tissue.                                                  (2)
    b) What do you mean by minerals? Write its two uses.                                  (2)
    c) What is Greenhouse effect? Write two effects of air pollution.                   (3)

                                                 The End


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