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SEE science questions (Preparation for SEE)

Attempt all the questions.
1. (a) The body weighs more at pole than equator. Why? The mass of the planet is 6 x 1024 kg and its radius is 6400 km. What is the weight of 50kg mass standing on that planet? (G = 6.67x10 –11 Nm2/kg2)
 (b) Nuclear Energy is also considered an alternative source of energy. Why? Show the complete thermonuclear reaction taking place on the surface of sun and write its two conditions. [1+2.5=3.5]
2. (a) Define Pascal’s law. If weight of a body in air is 20 N and in a liquid is 10N, find the weight of displaced liquid and mass of that liquid.  [1+2.5=3.5]
 (b) A Ship made of iron can easily float in water. Why? An ice block of dimension 60cm x 30cm x 20cm is placed in water. What is the height of ice above the surface of water if the density of ice and water is 0.9gm/cm3 and 1gm/cm3 respectively? [1+3=4]
3. (a) Define Specific Heat capacity. Write the SI unit of temperature. How much heat is required to raise the temperature of 10kg mass of a substance by 10°C when its specific heat capacity is 2100 J/kg°C? [1.5+2=3.5]

  (b) If an object is kept between F and 2F of a convex lens, where is the image formed? Draw a ray diagram to show the formation of image. Write its characteristics also. [2+2=4]
4. (a) Which type of transformer is given in the picture? Write any one application. Calculate the voltage produced in secondary coil.
 [1+2 = 3]
  (b) State the Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction. Why are inert gases filled in filament lamp? Write two differences between filament lamp and fluorescent lamp. [1.5+1+2 = 4.5]
5. (a) The electronic configuration of two elements is given below. Answer the following questions with the help of given electronic configuration.  [1+1+1=3]
X: 2. 8. 1
Y: 2. 8. 7
(i)   Name the elements ‘X’ and ‘Y’
(ii) Write down the electronic configuration of these elements (s,p,d,f subshell).
(iii) In which block of the periodic table do these elements belong to?
 (b) Draw a labeled diagram to show the laboratory preparation of Carbondioxide. Write the name with structural formula of the compound formed due to the displacement of two hydrogen atoms of ethane with two (OH) radicals. Give an example of decomposition reaction.  [2+1.5+1 = 4.5]
6. (a) Which metal is obtained from haematite? Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction between conc. hydrochloric acid and that metal. Specify whether the compound of the metal formed by this reaction is acid, base, or salt. [0.5+2+ 0.5= 3]
(b) How is ordinary glass prepared? Which metallic oxide is used to prepare black glass? Name any Phosphorous containing chemical fertilizer. Differentiate between PVC and bakelite in two points. [1.5+1+2 = 4.5]
7. (a) What is taxis? Why pancreas is known as mixed gland? Identify the types of taxis/ tropism of the following.
(i)  Euglena moves towards light.
(ii) Pollen tube grows towards ovule.
(iii) Aerobic bacteria move towards oxygen.
(iv) Root grows towards water.  [1+1+2 = 4]
(b) In which cell of the blood does HIV affect? Write any two causes of AIDS. Why are arteries thicker than veins? If a person has blood pressure 140/ 100 mm Hg what does it mean? Write briefly. [0.5+1+1+1 = 3.5]
8. (a)  Identify the stage shown in the following diagram and mention its two important features. Write two importance of meiotic cell division. [0.5+1+2 = 3.5]
(b) What is meant by alternation of generation? Explain it taking an example of a fern plant. State any two differences between primary and secondary mycelium in the life cycle of mushroom. [2+2 = 4]
9. (a) Maize  ,  Deer   ,Tiger
What is food web? Classify maize and write down the special features of it. Describe the consequences that may occur if all the tigers are killed in that food chain. [1+2+1.5 = 4.5]
(b) What is variation? Draw a chart to show the results obtained in the first and second filial generation after crossing a mouse having black color (BB) and white colour (bb). Also write the phenotypic and genotypic ratio of the offspring in F2 generation. [1+2 = 3]
Astronomy and Geology
10. (a) In which period did the dinosaurs evolve and in which period did they become extinct? How does an acid rain occur due to industrial gases? [1+2 = 3]
(b) A comet is not actually a star. Give two evidences in favour of this statement. Classify the following heavenly bodies as satellite, comet, asteroid, galaxy and constellation. [2+ 2.5=4.5]
    i. Enke                            ii. Andromeda               iii. Orion           
iv. Europa                      iv. Ceres

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