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Bulls are color blind, Then why does a bull charge at a red cloth? साँढे रंगअन्धो हो, तैपनि किन रातो कपडामा एक साँढेले आक्रमड गर्छ? - ADB Post

As you know, bullfighting is the greatest sport in Spain and a very important one in many other countries. And people are quite excited about this sport. They believe certain things about it and nothing can change their minds.
One of the things most bullfight fans (and others) believe is that anything red makes a bull angry and causes him to attack. Therefore, the bullfighter has to have a bright red cape and he has to be able to use this with great skill.
Well, the sad truth is that if the same bullfighter had a white cloth, or a yellow cloth, or a green cloth, or a cloth of any other color - he would be able to accomplish the same things with the bull! Bulls are actually color blind! It means they can't differentiate any colors.
Many bullfighters will privately admit they know this. In fact, some matadors conducted experiments in which they used white clothes - and they got the bulls to behave in the same way as with red cloths!
What makes the bull charge then? It is the movement of the cape and not the color of it. Anything that would wave in front of a bull would excite him. In fact, since the bull is colour-blind, if you waved a white cape or clothes you would probably get the better reaction since he can see it better!

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