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EternalRocks Ransomware shocked the world: More Powerful Than Wannacry

The world has just faced a huge ransomware attack. Wannacry Ransomware attack already hit companies across the world. Well, the Wannacry attack is one of the biggest ransomware attacks of its kind.
Security researchers are still busy developing fixes for the Wannacry ransomware. A security researcher who goes by the name Benjamin Delpy has created a tool which can unlock the locked computer.
Now it looks like a new strain of malware has been identified by security researchers named EternalRocks. EternalRocks targets the same vulnerability in Windows that helped the existing Wannacry Ransomware to spread.
Well, you will be shocked to know that the ‘EternalRocks’ ransomware is more dangerous than WannaCry and it is potentially difficult to fight. According to the reports from Fortune, the ransomware uses NSA tool called ‘EternalBlue’ for proliferation.
The report also added “…it also uses six other NSA tools, with names like EternalChampion, EternalRomance, and DoublePulsar (which is also part of WannaCry),”
The current form of ‘EternalRocks’ doesn’t have any malicious components. It doesn’t lock or encrypt users file. However, it leaves computers exposed to remote commands that could ‘weaponise’ the infection anytime.
The reason why security researchers are calling it more dangerous than WannaCry is because it doesn’t have any ‘Kill Switch’ or you can say weakness.
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