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Be safe from Hackers! Use Artificial Intelligence Tool to Create a Strong Password Try Now │ADB Post│

Just think about your password or group of passwords you use for a second.  Are they any good?  Or are they just simple word or phrases that you can remember easily?  Remember those films or TV series you watch, where a person is trying to figure out the password of the other person. The person then suddenly remembers the one key feature about that person and types in that password and gets into the computer. Well, this can happen if you don’t choose your passwords carefully. The threat that a password of a student to be cracked might not be that much but if you’re an employee of a corporation where your password might be a gateway to all of your important information and bank accounts, there is a high probability that might happen.  


Well, there is an ingenious tool developed by a team from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Chicago that provides constructive suggestion to the user to change various parts of the password to make it more secure. The main core of this tool implements AI as a part of its thinking process specifically artificial neural network as that of our brain. This tool, instead of just show the boring old “how strong you’re your password is” like they show is all major email service provider, tells you stuff like this portion of your password needs change.

The team developed this tool by feeding it with more than 135 million passwords and over 10 million natural-language words. For this reason, this tool can tell you whether the password you typed has been used before and can warn you not to use it again. Once the users begin typing in a password, the tool will indicate what requirements that have been met and also those that are still needed more correction to create a strong password. At the end of the day, it depends on the user to accept or disregard the suggestion made by the tool.

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