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Phone Running Android and Windows is Coming Soon!!

It looks like not everyone has given up their hopes on Windows phones. Recently, Windows phone OEM which is named Coship, also known as Moly has confirmed that they are planning to bring something unique to the market.
Well, you will be shocked to know that the company is right now planning to create a device that will be capable of running two operating systems. The company is preparing to create a device that can run Windows 10 mobile and Android.
Sources claim that users will be allowed to choose between OS to boot at the start just like we do on computers. The setup will also be similar to dual-OS installations in computers. So, windows 10 mobile lovers, it must be an exciting update.
Well, if you don’t know about Moly, let me tell you it is a china-based OEM, who announced its partnership with Microsoft at MWC 2015 trade show. The company said while answering to the dual OS rumor “yes, we are planning to launch a smartphone with dual OS, Windows 10 plus Android.”
Well, the company had already produced CoShip 960 way back in the year 2014 which ran Android and Linux. The device allows users to switch between two OS at the press of the button. So, it will be interesting to see the upcoming dual OS phone.
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