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Stream Live on Facebook With Your Friends

Now you can share the pressure of broadcasting yourself on Facebook live with a friend.
The social media site is letting users share the live stream screen - even if they're not together.
Facebook initially used this features exclusively for public figures but it's now rolling it out for all users and Pages, the company confirmed on Tuesday.
The update is now available on the iOS app and Facebook has not confirmed when the feature will arrive on Android devices.
Users can broadcast in both portrait and landscape mode.
In portrait the person who instigates the Facebook Live will have the bulk of the screen and their friend will appear as an inset.
In the landscape mode, the two users are split equally down the middle of the screen.
Facebook says there are currently ten times as many comment on Live videos as regular ones.
For users that find commenting on Live videos a bit overwhelming, Facebook are testing a more private way to comment.
The feature allows users to chat privately with friends during live stream videos.
Facebook said they added this because users 'want the option to interact with only their friends during a public live broadcast.'
Facebook said these are 'fun' and 'social' additions to the feature, writes The Verge.
The video is a mix of Apple's FaceTime and Houseparty which is used by young people to video chat multiple people at the same time.
These features come as Facebook deals with major controversies involving people broadcasting killings, suicide and violence live on the social network.
Earlier this month a musician died after setting himself on fire in front of his ex-girlfriend in an alleged revenge attempt to punish her for not getting back together with him.
Jared McLemore, 33, filmed himself sitting on the road outside a popular bar in Memphis, Tennessee, on Saturday night and broadcast it on Facebook Live.
His ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Moore, was working as a sound engineer inside the popular night spot.
The incidents have prompted questions about how Facebook's reporting system works and how violent content can be flagged faster. 
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