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A boy with a long hairy tail in an Indian village (भारतको एक गाउँमा भेटिये पुच्छर भएका बालक - फोटो सहित )

Locals believe Dulha Singh is the incarnation of the monkey god Hanuman.

The youngster was born with a patch of hair on his lower back which has grown long and matted together into a tail.
But his family fear cutting Dulha’s tail would be a bad omen, so it continues to grow.
Dulha’s uncle Sahib Singh said: “His mother once decided to cut the tail but she died before doing so.
“Since then I am taking care of Dulha and we decided not to cut the tail.”
People from surrounding villages have flocked to see and pray before Dulha, who lives with his uncle and aunt Majeer Kaur in Amritsar, Punjab.
His aunt said: “People come to see him everyday. They believe he is like Hanuman Ji.
“When Dulha was living with his mum, people used to travel hundreds of miles to to seek blessings by touching his tail.”
Dulha also believes his tail is a gift from God.

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