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A Real Life “Sleeping Beauty” - A Baby Girl Who Sleep 6 Days and 4 Hours in a Week

Anya Metyolkina has struggled to stay awake after slipping into a deep sleep while having lunch when she was just six months old.

She was unconscious for almost a week before waking up desperate for her feed in Pervouralsk in Russia’s Ural Mountains.
Her mum Alexandra Metyolkina told the Siberian Times: “We took her home, but next day she fell asleep again and we couldn’t wake her.
“It is not coma, it’s normal sleep.
“After sleep she has fever, her face turns red, and she starts shivering.”
Since then the now 18-month-old had slept for days at a time, sometimes  remaining conscious for less than 20 hours a week.
She has spent all but four days of the last year in a hospital with baffled medics desperately trying to reach a diagnosis.
Alexandra added: “The medics established that Anya’s heartbeat and breathing dramatically slow down when she sleeps.
“At first they thought she was suffering from meningitis or encephalitis but checks suggest that her brain and nervous system are fine.
“Then they thought it could be because of problems with heart, but it turned out to be normal.”
Russian docs told Anya’s parents they cannot diagnose the reason for her “hypersomnia” despite a raft of tests.

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