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One of the biggest complaints that users have in Windows 10 since it was released is update level. The problem is that they can not be rejected or ignored.

According to the recent reports from MsPoweUser, Microsoft just rolled out the Windows 10 build 16212 for x86 computers and phone running Windows 10. The latest build actually contains bugs which are crashing phones and computers.

Users are experiencing crashes and boot loop issue after updating to the Build 16212. The build is expected to be only available to Windows Insiders in the Fast, Slow and Release Preview rings. However, it looks like the build had rolled out to some regular users who aren’t the member of any Windows Insider program.
Head of Windows Insider Program, Dona Sarkar had told users not to install the BUILD 16212 in a tweet. Dona Sarkar in a blog post said “This happened because an inadvertent deployment of the engineering system that controls which builds/which rings to push out to insiders”
According to Dona Sarkar, Microsoft has fixed their errors and their analysis “shows only a small portion of folks got these builds”
Well, for those who haven’t installed the Build 16212 are advised to put their devices on the flight mode to block the automated downloads. If you have already downloaded then change the active hours to install the update.
If you have already downloaded and updated the Build 16212 then you need to roll back to the previous Insider build by going through Settings > Update & Security > Recovery.
You can even wait until Microsoft released another build which could fix the problem. Dona Sarkar wrote “We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for being a Windows Insider! We will keep you updated on when we plan to release new builds to you next week. We will not be releasing new builds to any of the rings this week”
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