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Use Microsoft Bing Search and Earn Money: 1 search = 3 points

If you remember previous Year Microsoft had announced to pay money to American users to use their Edge Browser, through the program Microsoft Rewards.
Well, Microsoft Rewards is a rebranding of Bing Rewards, a program that will give people points for using the search engine, Bing. The program is been running in the US since August 2016.
Now, the scheme is being released in the United Kingdom. Users can earn 3 points for making a Big search, 1 point per pound spent on the Microsoft Store online. Well, users can earn more points by participating in several quizzes.
According to Microsoft, a single user can earn a maximum of 30 points per day. That’s 10 searches per day if you don’t purchase anything from the Microsoft Store. However, if you also use Edge browser then the point bar increases to 60 points per day.
Now you might be thinking what after earning points? Well, you can redeem the points to get Xbox Gift cards, free movies, Skype Credits, Groove Music passes, etc.
Users need to cross 500 points in a month to reach the second level. Then he/she will be able to score the maximum of 150 points per day which will also open the door to earn more reward points.
So, this is simply Microsoft’s tactics to make Bing stand against Google search. Well, it looks like a good idea to promote the search engine. Microsoft Rewards program will be soon roll out to Canada, Germany, and France. For more details visit this link.
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