Mc Flo Releasing First Song of His New EP ' Janu Vanda Agadi ' on 24th October 2017

Bharatpur 12th October, The most respected, the most consistent rapper in the game. Representing KTM city and Nephop to the fullest - Mc Flo is coming back with his new EP.
The first Song entitled 'Antarikshya Yatri' of new EP ' Janu vanda agadi ' will be released on 24th of October this year.

Mc Flo is well known by lyrics in his songs. He is different than other rappers of Nep-Hop since he raps about the real life. He has the power to describe everything of the whole world in his songs. Many people know him as the lyrical king of NepHop.
The primary reason that Flo’s lyrics sound so genuine is that they are rooted in Nepal-specific social realism. MC Flo is the one-man wrecking crew, soldiers on alone: doing everything from pre to post-production and getting the music out there himself.

Before the announcement of the releasing date of 1st song of his EP. He had already released some songs back to back. He has said that he is trying to add some unique flavor in his new EP. In his Facebook post, he mentioned  " Antarikshya Yatri is an international level song. It may not do well in Nepal. But I am proud, nonetheless." The promo of the song is already available on youtube in Mc Flo youtube channel.

Link of Promo:

Let's see on that day. Will the song 'Antariksaya Yarti' rock the nation? What do you think? Comment down.
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