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About ADB Post

How ADB Post was established?

ADB Post is limited only on the internet and stands for Aadarsha Dhakal's Blog Post. Blogger wants to develop a blog to share helpful resources to the public. In 2016 AD he thinks to use ho create a blog and created it in the name of Tricks2code. At that time he used to post the coding ideas but later on he thinks to increase the territory and renew the blog. All previous posts was deleted and New name was given to the blog- ADB Post

What is ADB Post?

After it was named ADB post, He published the first post in 2016 July 18. Then till this date, the no of post reached above 100 and Total unique views reached above 10,000. 10000 is not more views but he is continuing writing posts. At this time there are 2 Authors. And posts are related to the following topics:
1. Facts
2. Entertainment
3. Technology
4. Education
5. World Trending
6. Local Trending (Nepal)
7. Warning

Man Behind ADB Post:

Aadarsha Dhakal
Hello! I am Aadarsha Dhakal. You may have already known I am the creator of this blog. Blogging is my hobby, not a profession.I was born in 05/14/2001 in Gorkha District of Nepal. Currently, I manage this blog from Bhatatpur-5 Chitwan. My age is 16 and is reading in Grade 11. I created this blog when I was in grade 9. 

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Contact :

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