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Advertising in the blog may attract a lots of costumers to your business. You can advertise your blog, website, product or brand here on my blog.
Your advertisement are placed in different place at this blog.
More you advertise, it will be more benefit for you.

Where your add can be placed in my blog?

1. 728x 90  Banner Ad on header right section.

First 728×90 is a good size ad for marketers.  They like the way it lays out and is one of the larger sizes available.  This is beneficial to marketers because they get lots of space on my blog.  A general rule with ads, the larger the ad, the more it will pay you, because more people are likely to see it and click.  The only drawback, it cost a bit more .

2. 300x 250 Sidebar Ad 

The second best ad size is the 300×250.  These are almost always in a sidebar or at the end of a post.  These are rectangular and are another size that marketers just love.  Why, because they can fit lots of good ad messaging into that size.  It’s large and will be seen by lots of readers.

3. 600x 150 Inside posts Ad

These ads generally are found inside the blogs posts.  Adsense themselves suggest these ad sizes.It is placed in such a way that surfers will find it as their requirement while reading the blog post.

4. 1200x 90 floating Ad.

The last type of add is 1200x 90 floating ad. This ad is placed at the bottom of the blog I remains fixed in the place do not changes as per scrolling the page. I suggest these ad sizes.

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